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For every visitor, for every family, the right Sunriver winter holiday vacation rental will be as unique as your party itself. A couple visiting Sunriver for a long ski vacation won’t have the same lodging requirements as a family reunion needing multiple homes. Booking in advance of the holidays relieves stress down the road and gives you the best selection of homes to choose from to make your holidays merry and bright.

Choosing the Right Sunriver Vacation Rental

Choosing the ideal vacation rental in Sunriver involves many different aspects, which vary from group to group. While every group is different, many visitors consider similar features when booking a Sunriver vacation rental.


With all of the costs associated with the winter holiday season, travelers likely have a specific budget to stick to when booking a Sunriver vacation rental. Costs vary from property to property based on a variety of features — home size, luxury amenities, SHARC passes included. Sunset Lodging offers a Thanksgiving special to make your Sunriver vacation more affordable when price weighs heavily on your mind and wallet. Stay a minimum of four nights and get the fifth night free!

Pro Tip: Rebook your Sunriver vacation rental a year in advance and take advantage of the best selection of homes.


For many visitors, location plays into your choice of where to stay in Sunriver. Some people prefer to be closer to The Village at Sunriver for access to dining, shopping and entertainment. Others would rather be closer to the SHARC, making it easy to enjoy the facility with family and friends. No matter where you stay in Sunriver, you’ll have access to everything our mountain community has to offer. Location often plays a role in large groups booking multiple homes. The reservations staff at Sunset Lodging can assist you in finding the ideal vacation rental in Sunriver closest to everyone in your group.

Star Rating

At Sunset Lodging, each of our homes includes a star rating from one to premier. Star ratings help our guests determine the level of luxury they desire in a Sunriver vacation rental. Our program includes many four and five star homes as well as premier properties. These luxury homes often feature new construction or they have been remodeled with comfort and style in mind. Star rating won’t be the only factor you consider when renting a Sunriver vacation home this winter but may help guide you based on cost, amenities and interior design preferences.


Each home on the Sunset Lodging program is unique but includes similar vacation home amenities. When selecting your vacation home this holiday season, we suggest making a list of the amenities you desire most and the ones that would be nice to have. Many of our guests choose a vacation rental with SHARC passes included in order to save money on admission to the facility during your visit. Hot tubs are included in many of the homes on our program, which people love relaxing in after a long day skiing at Mt. Bachelor.

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals in Sunriver

When planning your Sunriver Christmas vacation, does that include your furry family members, too (and we’re not talking about your uncle)? One aspect of the vacation rental selection process includes finding pet-friendly homes in Sunriver. Sunset Lodging offers a wide selection of pet-friendly homes within a range of star ratings. Bring your canine companion along to enjoy the holiday festivities in Sunriver.

Single-Level or Multi-Level Vacation Rentals

Visitors often prefer single-level vacation home rentals to those with multiple levels and stairs to climb in a variety of circumstances. Just because someone in your group has an injury or limitation preventing them from using the stairs, Sunset has single-level homes that allow everyone in your group to enjoy the party.

Rent a Vacation Home in Sunriver This Holiday Season

As the calendar creeps closer and closer to the end of December and the beginning of the holiday season, it becomes even more important to book your holiday lodging in Sunriver. As a popular holiday and ski destination, Sunriver welcomes visitors from all over during the week between Christmas and New Years Day. Find the ideal vacation home for your group’s specific needs by browsing the homes on our website. Call the reservations staff at Sunset Lodging and we can assist you in finding the best vacation rentals in Sunriver. Remember — our staff can hold a home for you for up to two weeks while you decide.

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