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We know you have a choice when it comes to your Sunriver vacation rental. Many visitors flock to third-party rental sites like Airbnb or VRBO to book their vacation, but renting directly from a Sunriver property management company has many advantages. At Sunset, we like sweetening the deal for our guests. We partner with various other businesses in Sunriver to bring you discounts on recreation, food, transportation, spa services and much more! By booking with Sunset, you can save a few bucks when enjoying the activities you’ll be participating in anyway – it’s a win-win!

Sunriver Discounts When You Choose Sunset Lodging

Our guests love the additional perks when they rent with us at Sunset Lodging. By showing your reservation or Perks Pass, many local businesses will give you a discount on adventures, family photography and more.

Sunriver Recreation Discounts

From fly fishing to snowshoe tours, you’ll enjoy discounts on recreation tours and rentals as a Sunset Lodging guest. Featured Perks participants:

Day One Outdoors
Sunset guests receive 10% off Central Oregon fishing tours from Day One Outdoors. Explore world-renowned rivers, alpine lakes and volcanic reservoirs with knowledgeable fishing guides.

Central Oregon Adventures in Sunriver
10% off snowmobile, ATV, scooter, and watercraft rentals
Discount not available over Christmas/New Year’s break.

Wanderlust Tours
10% off 1/2 day snowshoe, volcano, canoe, cave and GPS eco challenges or call for other savings! Offer not valid on special events, e.g. Moonlight Snowshoe tour.

Sunriver Restaurant Discounts

Tickle your taste buds with discounts at these featured restaurants:

The Wallow Bar & Grill
Located on the way to Mt. Bachelor, off South Century, just a few minutes from Sunriver.
Spring Rover Road
$5 off

Village Bar and Grill
They offer a yummy selection of food from salads and sandwiches to dinner entrees.
10% off the entire menu
Excludes alcohol

Base Camp Grill
Featuring breakfast, burgers, espresso, to-go boxed lunches and more. Located on the way to Mt. Bachelor, off South Century, just a few minutes from Sunriver.
10% off – Excludes alcoholic beverages

Spa and Salon Discounts in Sunriver

You’re on vacation and definitely deserve a relaxing break. We’ve got just the ticket.

Massage Sunriver
10% off massages

Salon Sunriver
Services include tanning, hair, manicures, pedicures, body waxing, facials, massage, reflexology & more
10% off all salon services

Dunn Up Salon!
10 % off adult hair cutting and coloring services

Take Advantage of Sunset Perks!

When you book your Sunriver vacation rental with Sunset Lodging, you save with Sunset Perks. Not only that, you’re supporting a family-owned and operated business right here in the Sunriver community. We hope when you’re searching for a vacation rental in Sunriver, you’ll consider one of the beautiful homes on our property management program. We look forward to seeing you in Sunriver!

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