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The Pacific Northwest is experiencing a record-setting heat wave, which has intensified the interest in Sunriver vacation rentals with air conditioning. Located so close to the Cascade Mountain Range, many homes in Sunriver don’t offer air conditioning. In the past, the number of hot days a year didn’t necessarily justify the high price tag of air conditioning and many homeowners opted to go with box fans to cool vacation rentals. As the hots get hotter and the need for cooling escapes becomes an even greater demand, a variety of homes across our full-service vacation rental program have added air conditioning.

Whether you’re planning ahead for next summer or you’re looking for last-minute Sunriver vacation rentals with air conditioning, this comprehensive list can be your guide. If keeping cool is high on your priority list, these are the homes for you.

Sunriver Vacation Rentals with Air Conditioning

Property AddressBedroomBathSleepsHot TubPetsLoftUnlimited SHARCAir ConditioningRatingAreaRateBook Now
Alpine 6 (ALP06)5312Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 12 passesA/C5Fort RockStarting at $295View Details
Approach 3 (APP03)33.510NoNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $235View Details
Backwoods 11 (BKW11)54.514Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SouthStarting at $475View Details
Balsam 4 (BAL04)4311Hot TubAnimal FreeLoftSHARC - Limited- ask for detailsA/C4NorthStarting at $230View Details
Belknap 4 (BEL4)4310Hot TubYesNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4.5NorthStarting at $250View Details
Big Sky 3 (SKY03)65.516Hot TubPet FriendlyDenSHARC - 12 PassesA/C5NorthStarting at $536View Details
Bittern 5 (BIT05)8820Hot TubPet Friendly (dogs only)Loft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 16 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $812View Details
Blue Grouse 4 (BGR04)5414Hot TubPet FriendlyLoft (Family Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/C5RiverStarting at $375 View Details
Cherrywood 21 (CWD21)3312Hot TubPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $500View Details
Colonial 4 (COL4)66.514Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 14 PassesA/CPremierLodgeStarting at $850View Details
Conifer 6 (CON06)32.58Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4Fort RockStarting at $177View Details
Deer 2 (DER02)326Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 6 PassesA/C4MallStarting at $148View Details
Duckpond 2 (DKP02)328Hot TubNoLoft (Family Room)SHARC - 8 PassesA/C3RiverStarting at $400View Details
Fairway Village Condo 34 (FVC34)32.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5NorthStarting at $196View Details
Goldfinch 11 (GDF11)4412Hot TubPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 10 PassesA/CPremierRiverStarting at $270View Details
Hickory 20 (HIC20)43.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $220View Details
Jackpine 9 (JKP09)7618Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierMallStarting at $655View Details
Malheur 2 (MAL02)327Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $200View Details
McKenzie 4 (MKZ04)3310Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4RiverStarting at $182View Details
Meadow House Condo 43 (MHC43)228NoDog FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3.5SHARCStarting at $169View Details
Meadow House 66 (MHC66)228NoNoSitting RoomSHARC - 6 PassesA/C4.5SHARCStarting at $175View Details
Modoc 1 (MOD01)42.510Hot TubDog FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $198View Details
Mt.Hood 12 (MTH12)53.514Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/C5Fort RockStarting at $340View Details
Mt. St. Helens 5 (STH05)338Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5NorthStarting at $195View Details
Nine Iron 9 (NIN09)7718Hot TubNoLoft (Game Room)SHARC - 16 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $1,075View Details
Olympic 5 (OLY05)42.510Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $240View Details
Pioneer 4 (PIO04)4210Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SouthStarting at $225View Details
Poplar 24 (POP24)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3NorthStarting at $152View Details
Puma 5 (PUM05)228Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 6 PassesA/C3SHARCStarting at $142View Details
Pyramid 5 (PYR05)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $157View Details
Quelah Lane 24 (QLN24)66.514Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 14 PassesA/CPremierSHARCStarting at $550View Details
Red Fir 22 (RDF22)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3SHARCStarting at $145View Details
Redwing 9 (RDW09)6618Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $474View Details
Sarazen 4 (SAR04)55.512Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $790View Details
Sequoia 1 (SEQ01)54.512Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC -12 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $260View Details
Shagbark 12 (SGB12)32.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4Fort RockStarting at $158View Details
Shagbark 17 (SGB17)7516Hot TubNoGame RoomSHARC - 14 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $800View Details
Siskin 9 (SIS09)33.58Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 8 PassesA/C5RiverStarting at $350View Details
Sparks 8 (SPR08)5510Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C5NorthStarting at $700View Details
Stag 5 (STG05)43.510Hot TubNoLoftSHARC -10 PassesA/C4.5SHARCStarting at $229View Details
Sumac 4 (SMC04)5614Hot TubNoNoNo 12 Passes (Coming in 2023)A/CPremierFort RockStarting at $1,000View Details
Tennis Village Condo 15 (TVC15)226NoNoLoftNoA/C51580Starting at $137/nightView Details
Tokatee 27 (TOK27)4210Hot TubNoNoSHARC Passes - 8A/C4RiverStarting at $198View Details
Topflite 4(TPF06)438Hot TubDog FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4.5 StarsNorthStarting at $260View Details
Umpqua 3 (UMP03)4310Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $266View Details
Vine Maple 13 (VNM13)57.514Hot TubNo Loft (Game Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $650View Details
Whistling Swan 2 (WSN02)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5RiverStarting at $161View Details

Featured Homes that Sleep More than 15 People

Sunset Lodging has a variety of Sunriver rentals with air conditioning. Many visitors to Sunriver choose to rent a larger home and share the space with friends and family. The following homes sleep more than 15, which means no matter how big your party, you’ll all be able to relax in a crisp, cool Sunriver vacation rental.

Big Sky 3 — This six-bedroom home sleeps up to 16 guests and at close to 3,500 square feet has plenty of room for everyone. This home with air conditioning is located at the North end of Sunriver across from the Benham Falls family-friendly paved trail access. Big Sky 3 is a light and bright lodge-style home with vaulted ceilings, unique angles and huge view windows for an airy feel.

Bittern 5 — Bittern 5 is one of the most luxurious Sunriver vacation homes for rent with air conditioning. This lavish, lodge-style home features eight bedrooms and a game room, sleeping up to 20 guests. This home is perfect for large gatherings, from family reunions to weddings and corporate business retreats. Pets are welcome at Bittern 5, too!

Nine Iron 9 — This beautiful lodge-style home comes with NEW furnishings throughout as well as many upgrades. Nine Iron 9 sleeps up to 18 people comfortably with seven bedrooms and over 4,100 square feet of living space. Along with air conditioning, you’ll enjoy a pool table, unlimited SHARC passes and a brand new 9-person hot tub.

Featured Homes that Sleep Fewer than 15 People

The following homes sleep between 7 and 12 guests comfortably, which make them perfect for your group that includes two to three families. Everyone can spread out and enjoy the refreshing breeze of air conditioning in these Sunriver vacation homes.

Duckpond 2 — This home that sleeps up to eight guests was newly upgraded in 2021 and now includes air conditioning. Other upgrades include new doors, floors, carpet, paint, furniture, bathrooms, appliances, bikes, ping pong table and TVs. The fully-stocked completely new kitchen looks out to the dining area with direct access to the large deck and private backyard adjacent to the bike paths.

Fairway Village Condo 34 — Enjoy the north end of Sunriver in style! Air-conditioned with granite countertops, stainless-steel appliances and modern furnishings make this condo an excellent choice for your premier Summer getaway. Come stay year round in this reverse living condo with king master upstairs, gas fireplace and newer furnishings. Wide open living area that is perfect for entertaining!

Loon 24 — You’ll love being able to access the Deschutes River from Cardinal Landing Bridge, just steps away from Loon 24. Loon 24 features air conditioning as well as vaulted ceilings, a grand living room and a kitchen large enough to prepare meals for the whole crew. Grill up your family favorites on the BBQ and soak up the natural beauty Sunriver has to offer.

Air-Conditioned Comfort

Relax in air-conditioned comfort at one of our beautiful Sunriver vacation homes. It’s been a long year for all of us and now on your summer vacation you deserve the ultimate in relaxation, despite the extreme heat outside. Come in, cool off and enjoy warm summer evening bike rides along the paths in Sunriver. In the past, you may have shrugged it off and said, “I can sacrifice air conditioning,” but after this extended heat wave, you may be singing a different tune.

Contact our reservation staff at 800-541-1756 and they can help you find the perfect Sunriver vacation rentals with air conditioning for this or future summers.

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