Sunriver new roundabout construction

For as long as you’ve been coming to Sunriver, you’ve learned to navigate the circle or “roundabout” system that connect our small mountain town. Perhaps you’ve wondered about the elusive “Circle 8.” With Sunriver’s newest roundabout currently under construction, we may not receive the 8th circle that local love to joke about with visitors, but we will soon have a newly minted roundabout near the entrance to Sunriver and The Village mall.

Sunriver’s newest roundabout comes as a solution to improve the intersection at Abbot Drive and Beaver Drive. This entrance serves as the primary entrance to the Sunriver community, Sunriver Resort and the shops and amenities within The Village at Sunriver. Construction on Sunriver’s newest roundabout began promptly after the busy summer season on September 4, 2018. Since that time, if you’ve visited Sunriver, you may have been caught at the new light system, which allows cars their turn to drive down the single-lane road which provides access to Sunriver during construction.

Sunriver Roundabout Construction Updates

With Phase 1 of construction well underway, this first phase is expected to be completed on Tuesday, November 20, weather permitting. The construction includes automated traffic control devices in place at the entrance to Sunriver, the intersection of Abbot Dr. and Beaver Dr. and shortly after the exit to Circle 1 leading back out of Sunriver. Visitors can expect delays of up to 10 minutes during construction.

Not to worry, visitors coming to Sunriver for the busy Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays won’t run into construction delays with Phase 1 wrapping up ahead of the holiday season. Phase 2 of construction begins on Monday, April 1 and will run through Wednesday, May 15, 2019, weather permitting.

Roundabout Construction Plans

What exactly are they doing over there, you may be wondering. A primary circle will be replacing the current Abbot-Beaver Drive intersection, while a smaller circle to the north of Beaver Drive will facilitate traffic flow to the Village and business on Ponderosa Road. There will also be additional ingress/egress points along Abbot Drive into The Village and Ponderosa Road. A new pathway will be constructed adjacent to Ponderosa Road in order to provide safer pedestrian movement.

The new additions to Sunriver’s roundabout system compliment the area’s natural, scenic and historic character. The project aims to provide facilities that encourage bike and pedestrian circulation within Sunriver.

Alternate Routes

Drivers who don’t wish to wait at an automated traffic stop can take an alternate route into and out of Sunriver by coming and going from the Cottonwood Rd. exit off of Highway 97. This may add time to your commute, but won’t have you sitting and waiting at a stop light. Another option for accessing The Village at Sunriver, if you’re coming from the Resort and south end of Sunriver, would be to take Circle 1 towards Circle 2 and enter The Village from behind.

We look forward to a new and safe entryway for all with the completion of Sunriver’s newest roundabout. Construction should only affect drivers on their way into and out of Sunriver and will be over before the holiday season sets in. Visit for construction updates and photos. Thank you to SROA for the photo used above. See you in Sunriver!

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