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Over the last couple of years, Bend has experienced somewhat of a food cart boom. The trend started with the addition of The Lot on Bend’s Westside and ever since various food cart pods and shelters have popped up throughout Central Oregon. This summer, Sunriver welcomes the addition of our own food cart lot in the Business Park. Elkibou’s is the newest addition to the Sunriver food cart park scene and includes a variety of styles of food as well as a beer garden serving your favorite craft beverages.

Elkibou’s Food Cart Park in Sunriver

The newest addition to the Sunriver food and entertainment scene comes in the form of Elkibou’s Food Cart Park, an outdoor food cart park with yard games, beer garden and live music. Elkibou’s strives to bring the community together with a variety of dining options, as well as a comfortable space to gather with family and friends, new and old. Whether dancing along to live, local music or participating in great conversation around the fire with like-minded visitors, you’ll find the relaxing community vibe you seek at Elkibou’s — without having to drive into Bend.

Sunriver Food Carts

Several new Sunriver food carts now call Elkibou’s their permanent home. With an array of options to choose from, you no longer have to worry about the fatigue that can come from having to eat at the same couple restaurants during every visit.


Amago brings Asian-style fair to the Sunriver food cart lot at Elkibou’s. From wild mushroom pho, the delicious Vietnamese noodle soup, to Kalbi short ribs, prepare to expand your palate to Amago.

Bruneau’s South Philly Cuisine

Craving a Philly? Look no further than Bruneau’s South Philly Cuisine. Bruneau’s specializes in Philly cheesesteak sandwiches, Greek gyros and spicy hot sausage sandwiches.


At Nosh, they believe in creating good food to be paired with good company. Nosh features an eclectic menu that includes snacks, salads and sandwiches.

Taco Maya

Maya Padilla brings her passion for Latin cuisine to Sunriver in the form of Taco Maya. Get ready to spread your culinary wings and fly with the Latin fare available at Taco Maya.

Beer and Sangria Garden

Not only does Elkibou’s include a beer cart, serving you a wide array of craft beers, but also a sangria cart to cover all of your non-beer fermented beverages. Try a house-made sangria or opt for one of the many ciders and meads found on tap at Elkibou’s.


As if food and beer aren’t enough, Elkibou’s has created a welcoming, community environment where you can play yard games like cornhole with friends or dance to live music from local musicians. Come relax on the lawn, warm your fingers by the firepit after sunset and spend the day enjoying all that Sunriver’s first food cart park as to offer.

How to Get There and Hours

While many guests stay within “Sunriver proper,” meaning the circles and resort area, Elkibou’s is located in the Sunriver Business Park, behind the Post Office and near the Sunset Lodging offices. Elkibou’s is currently open daily from 11am to 10pm.

  • Exit Sunriver and take the first exit off of the roundabout
  • Turn left into the Sunriver Business Park at the light
  • Take an immediate right
  • Take the next right on Enterprise Drive (Follow signs to the Post Office)
  • Drive past the Post Office and Elkibou’s will be on your left

Don’t feel like driving and want to get use out of those bikes included with your Sunriver vacation home? Follow the bike paths from inside Sunriver to the stoplight. Cross at the crosswalk and follow the same path as the driving directions.

Do you plan on visiting Elkibou’s this summer? Let us know in the comments what your favorite food cart is and what bites you would recommend to other visitors!

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