Sunriver wheelchair accessibility guide

Here at Sunset Lodging, we love Central Oregon and believe everyone deserves access to this beautiful region. Throughout Sunriver and Central Oregon, every member of your group will be able to enjoy many of the area’s biggest attractions. We’ve created this Sunriver Accessibility Guide to provide guests with helpful information about wheelchair-accessible accommodations and activities. We want to make it easier for our guests to find this kind of helpful information on our website.

Sunset’s Sunriver Accessibility Guide

Wheelchair-Accessible Hiking Trails

Here in Sunriver, the Benham Falls Trail offers accessible hiking for guests in wheelchairs. There aren’t any designated handicap parking spaces in the gravel lot off of NT-600 at the south end of the trail, but the majority of the trail has a gentle (5% or less) grade. There are steeper sections of the trail where those using wheelchairs, mobility equipment or strollers may need assistance. The terrain calls for all-terrain tires or motorized equipment. Enjoy stunning views of the Deschutes River and Benham Falls.

We did research and found that people find Sparks Lake to be one of the most wheelchair-friendly hiking trails in the region. Driving down the dirt road, you’ll find handicapped parking available at the start of the ⅓ mile paved accessible trail. The trail continues, but isn’t safe for wheelchairs. The trail follows an ADA back-and-forth ramp down a slope, eventually flattening out and offering gorgeous views of Broken Top. This trailhead also features a wheelchair-accessible outhouse restroom at the start of the trail.

Did You Know?

The America the Beautiful- National Park and Federal Recreation Lands Pass – Access Pass gives travelers with visual impairments or those with permanent disabilities (regardless of age) free lifetime access to federal recreation sites administered by the National Parks Service. Obtain this pass by showing proof of medically determined disability at any NPS facility that charges an entry fee.

Visit Indoor and Outdoor Exhibits at the High Desert Museum

The High Desert Museum, located between Bend and Sunriver on Highway 97, offers year round exhibits, both indoors and outdoors. The museum has plenty of paved walkways, which make navigating in a wheelchair fairly easy. A few steep inclines can make it difficult, but ask at the front desk and their staff can help you navigate around them. Expect live animal shows with local birds, otters, and more. If you’re looking for a hands-on encounter with local wildlife, as well as historical exhibits, add the High Desert Museum to your itinerary.

Get Involved with Oregon Adaptive Sports

Oregon Adaptive Sports, a local nonprofit organization, offers programs for children and adults, making the outdoors more accessible for people with disabilities. OAS programs include road cycling, paddling, outdoor rock climbing, mountain biking, golf and yoga. The organization holds scheduled group sessions throughout the summer, as well as private sessions, which are helpful for those trying these outdoor sports for the first time with a disability. Visit for more information.

Ride the Rapids with Sun Country Tours

Sun Country Tours has been one of our favorite white water rafting guide companies for years and one of the reasons why is because they can accommodate guests with disabilities. Sun Country Tours makes white water rafting in Central Oregon more accessible. It’s more fun when everyone is involved and Sun Country Tours does a great job of making everyone feel included.

Book Single-Level Properties

We have found that many of our guests with disabilities prefer to stay in single-level homes, or on the ground-floor in order to avoid going up and down the stairs. At Sunset, we separated out the homes that are specifically single-level for our guests who prefer to avoid homes with multiple floors and lots of stairs. One of our favorite single-level homes is Deer 2, which has been updated recently, includes brand new air conditioning and is close to The Village at Sunriver.

The Outdoors is For Everyone!

Sunriver and Central Oregon boast some of the most majestic views in the world, and incredible access to outdoor recreation. We believe that the outdoors are for everyone and we wanted to share resources for our visitors with disabilities. Our team of reservation specialists can assist you in finding the ideal Sunriver vacation rental for your specific needs. Browse our selection of single-level homes in Sunriver and call us to speak with one of our reservationists about booking an accessible vacation rental in Sunriver.

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