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Whether you’re looking to plan a Spring Break trip or an extended summer vacation, looking at airfare and seeing the delays in the news doesn’t make you feel excited to book. Here at Sunset Lodging in Sunriver, we have a solution that will be easier on your pocketbook, while giving you access to stunning mountain views and a recreational paradise. From hiking and biking, to relaxing on a lounge chair in the sun at SHARC, there’s something for everyone in Sunriver and we encourage you to check us out this summer!

Drive, Don’t Fly

Last summer, we definitely wouldn’t have written this same blog, with gas prices around $6 a gallon. Luckily, though gas prices still may not be ideal, they are looking to be better than last summer and the current cost of airfare. Rather than packing up the family and spending thousands of dollars to fly everyone to an international tropical island, introduce the kids to a good ol’ fashioned family road trip. While the mystery and allure of the islands or a big European city may draw you in, remember that here in Oregon we’re surrounded by grandeur — the majestic Cascade Mountains, and all they have to offer.

Explore the Region You Call Home

With a whole wide world to explore, sometimes we can get caught up in the possibilities and forget about what’s in our own backyard. The Pacific Northwest is arguably one of the most beautiful parts of the country, let alone the world.

This year, turn your focus closer to home. Sunriver is easily accessible by car from all over the Pacific Northwest and California. If you’re coming from California, you’ll enjoy driving through towering Redwood trees on your way here. Stop at Crater Lake on your way here and see the deep blues waters and Wizard Island in the center of the crater. When you get here, make sure you plan at least a day to explore the Newberry Caldera.

Coming from the North, you’ll find a plethora of waterfalls, lakes, rivers and overlooks easily accessible from the road. Stop by Silver Falls if you’re coming from the Portland/Salem area. Look out over Suttle Lake and the miles and miles of trees covering the forest skyline. If you need lunch on the way, stop by Suttle Lake Lodge and grab a sandwich that was featured on “Eater’s Guide to the World” on Hulu.

Sunriver is also an easy drive from Nevada and Idaho. Join us in the High Desert where you can swim at one of dozens of nearby mountain lakes, hike in the Bad Lands and relax in a hot tub under the stars after a long day exploring the region.

More Than the Outdoors

We spend a lot of time talking about the recreational activities of Sunriver and Central Oregon — Mt. Bachelor, for example, is a draw for many outdoor enthusiasts. We know that the great outdoors may not be that great for everyone. Sunriver offers something for everyone – including those who would rather relax with a good book than slide down a mountain. Sunriver offers many great dining options, as well as a short drive to Bend for even more options for fine dining, art and culture.

Visit one of Central Oregon’s art galleries, paint your own pottery to take home, see a local theater performance or simply spend time enjoying your peaceful surroundings. Relax on the patio as you look out over the forest, river or mountains. Vacations are meant to be spent relaxing and reconnecting with activities and people that bring you joy — we’re not going to make you go jet skiing if you don’t want to.

Book Your Sunriver Summer Vacation Home Today

Whether your family grew up coming to Sunriver for decades, or this is the first time you’re considering a visit, we’d love to have you as our guest at Sunset Lodging in Sunriver. Browse our selection of homes online, or give us a call and one of our reservations specialists will help you find the perfect vacation rental in Sunriver for your specific needs. We look forward to seeing you in Sunriver this spring or summer!

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