Sledding and Tubing in Sunriver

Get cozy in a sled or tube and slide your way into family-friendly winter adventure.

Sledding and Tubing in Sunriver

Speed down the Sledder’s Hill at the Sunriver SHARC Facility!  The outdoor tubing hill is open all year long thanks to an artificial surface called Neveplast.  You can contact the SHARC Aquatic Center for hours of operation at 541-585-5000.

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Visit Snowblast Tubing Park at Mt. Bachelor!

Located between the Ski and Sport building and the bottom of the Red Lift, experience the snow like never before! Snowblast Tubing Park, where the rubber meets the snow, is full of fun with an 800-foot ride full of rollers. Mt Bachelor’s surface lifts are built with the latest technology to pull you up the slope comfortably and quickly.

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If you have any questions about tubing in Sunriver please give us a call at 800-541-1756 or email us at We can also assist you in booking a Sunriver vacation rental or explaining our Sunriver property management services.

tubing Sunriver SHARC

SHARC tuing hill Sunriver

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