Sunriver picnic ideas

With Memorial Day just around the corner, we’ve been daydreaming about lazy summer days and the tasty food and drink that accompanies the slow life. Visitors come to Sunriver to relax and recharge and what better way to take in the sunshine than with a next level picnic. We’ve curated a list of tips to help you throw a memorable event for your friends and family while visiting our quiet mountain town.

Creating the Perfect Sunriver Picnic

People come from all over to experience the bliss that we indulge in on a regular basis. A Sunriver picnic involves more than just a blanket, sandwiches and lemonade. Here are a few ways you can enhance your experience.

Location, Location, Location

Sunriver offers a wide array of great picnic spots both along the Deschutes River and throughout the community. Fort Rock Park is a popular park that makes it easy to throw a successful picnic gathering. Whether bringing the whole crew together for a family reunion picnic or a casual Friday evening waiting for that sparkling Central Oregon sunset, Fort Rock Park is where it’s at. Enjoy a leisurely hike to Benham Falls and find a cozy spot nestled among the trees and within earshot of the babbling water.

She’s Crafty

No, we’re not talking about crocheting your own napkins or making elaborate centerpieces from sticks and wildflowers (though you could totally do those things). Nope, we’re talking about one of the biggest draws to Central Oregon — the craft beer scene. A Sunriver picnic would be incomplete without cans of Mosquito IPA from Sunriver Brewing Company. With a wide array of craft beverages available at the Sunriver Country Store, the Circle K Gas Station, and The Mountain Jug you can enjoy the flavor of Central Oregon breweries.

Foodie Haven

Everyone knows the most important element of any picnic is the food itself. In Sunriver, you have a variety of options. Go a more traditional route by finding all of your picnic and charcuterie favorites at the Sunriver Country Store. The Country Store also BBQs throughout the summer, which makes it easy to pick up a rack of ribs and head out to your favorite chill spot along the river. For the fast and easy picnic, stop by Blondie’s Pizza and bring this tasty treat along for quick cleanup and fully satisfied bellies.

Bike Commute

With more than 30 miles of paved bike path covering Sunriver, you can easily find the perfect picnic spot via your bicycle. Many of the Sunriver vacation homes at Sunset Lodging include a fleet of bicycles sized for the entire family. Ride your bike to Fort Rock Park and let the kids play at the playground while you BBQ chicken and veggies on the grills provided at this idyllic picnic location.

Plan Your Sunriver Summer Vacation Today

Start planning ahead for casual picnics during your visit to Sunriver this summer. Indulge in local brews and stunning views when you ease into the slow life. Quality conversations with loved ones, bike races, and tasty treats await.

Have you booked your vacation rental in Sunriver for Summer 2019 yet? Sunset Lodging still has limited availability and would love to help you find the perfect backdrop for your next vacation.

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