Paulina Plunge

Discover the grandeur of the Paulina mountains and the secrets of Chief Paulina’s water slide.

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Sunset Lodging is not only the best place for Sunriver rentals, we also have information on many options for indoor and outdoor activities for all seasons! If you are looking for a fun summer activity for the whole family?  Try the Paulina Plunge in Sunriver!

Gravity will be your friend, as you descend deep into the Oregon back country. Only here will you discover the grandeur of the Paulina mountains and the secrets of Chief Paulina’s water slide.  Along the way you will learn the legends of the ancient indigenous people and the saga of Chief Paulina. Be assured you’ll be traveling in his foot steps, even though they’re the impressions of your guide.

During the length of the trip, you will descend over 2,500 vertical feet on your mountain bike. That translates into four 1-1/2 mile biking segments to each waterfall stop. While coasting down the smooth dirt forest trail, you will be close to the shimmering waterfalls of the stream. The group will visit up to 6 pristine waterfalls, ranging in height from 10 to 40 feet, as well as 2 safe natural water slides, to explore and play in.

Two short energetic nature hikes, at a distance of 1/2 mile each, will be required to reach the enchanting waterfalls and slides below.  This safe, fun family excursion is attractive for all active age groups, 4 to 70 years young and possibly beyond. Our guides will fill you in on local history, geology and archeology which makes this area so unique. This region is considered by archeologists to be one of the richest sights in the Northwest.  Native Americans have lived in the shadow of this dynamic volcano for at least 10,000 years.

When the group arrives at the waterfalls below, you’ll indulge in the traditional Paulina Plunge and then break for a snack lunch.  As the days adventure comes to an end, there will be plenty of time for another soothing waterfall shower and a cold soda pop. TOUR COST: $60 per person for all ages. Recommended age 4-70 years. Mountain bike, helmet and day pack are included. Add $8.00 for a sack lunch or pack your own lunch. $2 for a one liter water bottle. For tour schedule, meet time, location and cancellations click Reservations for more info. Cash or Debt Cards preferred. Visa and Mastercard accepted.

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Paulina Plunge

Sunriver Paulina Plunge