You may have heard that Mt. Bachelor is taking a “Back to Basics” approach to safe operations this winter and a new online parking reservation system is at the heart of this. The mountain intends to guests a great and safe experience. By implementing an online parking reservation system, it allows Mt. Bachelor to manage the number of people at the mountain and guests will have plenty of room to spread out. The new parking system is among other changes the mountain has made to ensure safe operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How the Mt. Bachelor Parking System Works

Whether you’re a season pass holder or a visiting for a long weekend, Mt. Bachelor’s new online parking reservation system allows you to hold your space for specific days. You will have to let the mountain know you’ll be coming, which they hope will translate into a great experience knowing you’ll have a spot to park and room to spread out across the mountain.

Advanced and Week-Of Reservations

All guests may reserve a total of 14 days at any given time, which includes 7 “advanced days” and 7 “week-of days,” Parking reservations are released on a rolling basis, which means you may have to check back often to get a reservation on the day you want to visit Mt. Bachelor. As advanced days move into “week-of” days, a new day becomes available to book!

Mt. Bachelor Parking Availability

If you visit, you will see that all parking inventory from opening day on December 7, 2020, through May 30, 2021, is available for booking. Additional parking availability will be released and announced on a rolling basis, reflecting the necessary precautions determined by the pandemic, weather and conditions, and user patterns.

Canceling and Managing Parking Reservations

Plans change. Mt. Bachelor asks all guests to cancel their reservations if plans change and you’re unable to visit. You can cancel up until the day you booked at 7am through your email confirmation. If you don’t cancel by 7am or you no-show, it could result in the loss of days booked or the privilege to book advance dates in the future.

Parking When You Arrive

Upon arrival at Mt. Bachelor, you will drive to the parking lot and scan the QR code from your confirmation email before hitting the slopes!

What About Dropoffs?

Mt. Bachelor will be allowing dropoff to be made without a parking reservation. Provisions will be made for dropoffs at West Village and Sunrise base areas.

Additional Safety Measures at Mt. Bachelor

In addition to online parking reservations, Mt. Bachelor has made efforts to limit contact and provide a safe experience for mountain guests. Expect lift queue spacing measures including extended maze designs, more lateral spacing and increased signage. The dining venue will shift to offer more grab and go options. Guests should plan to use their vehicles as their base rather than the lodge this season – including booting up, warming up and refueling. Mt. Bachelor will also be adding new, touchless transaction technology throughout the resort.

Have You Made Your Winter Lodging and Mountain Parking Reservations Yet?

Mt. Bachelor currently has the parking reservation system up and running. Have you made your Sunriver vacation home reservations and Mt. Bachelor parking reservations yet? Check out the beautiful, warm and cozy homes available from Sunset Lodging in Sunriver and make your skiing and snowboarding parking reservations in advance this winter.


  1. Jennifer Noble

    Is there a time of day that additional spots are released? I keep checking for the holiday week but nothing is available.

    • Reservations at Sunset Lodging

      Hi Jennifer,

      Even though all of the parking spots up at Mt. Bachelor are already reserved, they hold back some spaces to be reserved each day by the general public. The person we spoke with did not know how many spaces are held back, but she did tell us that as of last week, every person who tried to get a parking spot on the “day of” was able to do so. While that might not be the case over the holidays, but in general, looking day/week of may be a good solution for our guests who do not have reservations. The key is to get on the Parking Whiz app as close to 6:00am as possible to have the best opportunity to get day of parking. We have also heard that people have been canceling their reservations the night before and the morning of, which all goes back into the available parking pool. We hope this helps! It does seem like people are canceling parking reservations the night before.

      Thank you!

      Sunset Lodging

      • Carlos Juarez

        Is there any transport from ai river to mr bachelor? Odd they permit you to purchase lift tickets yet don’t guarantee parking. Inefficient system if you ask me. I checked out your rooms and was about to book for this next weekend but no can do without parking at resort.

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