oregon eclipse weekend in sunriver

Throughout Central Oregon, individuals, businesses and visitors have been preparing for the Oregon Eclipse. NASA named Madras as the ideal place in the state to view the total solar eclipse, with peak totality (or the amount of darkness) running about two minutes and five seconds at 10:21am. While visitors to Sunriver may have to travel north to catch a glimpse of the solar display, it’s important to plan ahead if you’ll be visiting the area during eclipse weekend.

Oregon Eclipse Weekend Prep

If you’re planning to be in Sunriver for Oregon eclipse weekend, be prepared for what many are estimating to be extreme times. Luckily on a resources standpoint, Sunriver is out of the path of totality, which should hopefully make for less hectic times. Nonetheless, upon visiting Central Oregon during this time, we suggest you prepare by:

  • Stocking up on groceries, water and gas early so stores can restock
  • Hit the ATM before crowds arrive in Central Oregon, or if you’re traveling to Sunriver, get cash before arriving
  • Unplug unnecessary electronic devices and appliances to conserve electricity
  • Be prepared for slower Internet services and decreased cell phone service due to the amount of extra people in the area that weekend

If you’re planning on traveling north from Sunriver towards Bend or Madras, be aware that travel times may increase substantially. While it normally may take less than an hour to get to Madras from Sunriver, the Oregon Department of Transportation suggests arriving early, staying put and leaving late to avoid what may be the busiest traffic event in Oregon history.

Oregon Eclipse Weekend Events

Now that we’ve covered the serious business of the eclipse, on to the fun stuff! If you’re planning to spend Oregon eclipse weekend in Sunriver, there will be many events to pique your interest.

Eclipse Viewing at the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver – On August 21, the Oregon Observatory in Sunriver will open before the eclipse at 9am. They will have a variety of telescopes set up for visual observing and projected observing.

Sunriver Music Festival’s Stellar Solar Seminar – Sponsored by both the Sunriver Music Festival and the Sunriver Nature Center, gather in the Great Hall at Sunriver Resort from 8:30-9:30am for a solar talk by Dr. Harry Hamilton, Professor of Atmospheric Physics. Attendees receive a pair of Sunriver Music Festival eclipse glasses. Later that evening, continue the festivities with a performance from pianist Sean Chen.

Cog Wild BicyclipseLocal bicycle tour company Cog Wild offers an experience to view the solar eclipse by bike. Departing early to get to the trailhead, you’ll ride to a special viewing point in the woods. Toast the experience with libations from Crater Lake Spirits and a light breakfast.

Wanderlust Solar Eclipse Tour With the path of totality hitting just outside of Bend, Wanderlust Tours offers a 36 hour tour for the viewing of this unique event. Drive out to an undisclosed location, have dinner, sleep under the stars, hike up to the pristine viewing spot and catch the eclipse while toasting this incredible sight.

Wanderlust Solar Eclipse Canoe Tour Just west of Bend, you can experience the moon covering 99% of the sun. The tour company provides eclipse viewing glasses as you witness this event from the glassy waters of a stunning lake. After witnessing the eclipse, toast with locally crafted beer from Immersion Brewing made specifically for this tour.

Eclipse Weekend in Sunriver

As you head north of Sunriver, more eclipse-related festivals and events can be found. Madras, Culver and Prineville all host festivals, as well as a music festival the two days before at Suttle Lake. In addition to eclipse-related activities, opportunities for adventure abound during Oregon eclipse week in Sunriver. From paddleboarding tours to swimming at the SHARC, there’s something for everyone in Sunriver.

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