While we know for many of our guests, the big draw to coming to Sunriver in the winter stems from skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor. With minimal snowfall in Sunriver this season, you may be reconsidering a winter adventure in the Cascades, but there’s more to Central Oregon than bits of frozen water that fall from the sky. Take this opportunity to enjoy the spoils of a secluded Sunriver getaway with family and friends.

Plan Your Sunriver Winter Getaway

We love skiing and snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor and snowmobiling through the wilderness as much as the next person, but when the snow Gods aren’t answering prayers for snow, not to worry. Coming to Sunriver in the winter offers visitors plenty of chances to relax and recharge.

Sunriver Vacation Rentals Have Awesome Amenities

When coming to Sunriver, you put in the time and effort into choosing an incredible vacation rental. With less time spent at the mountain, it allows for more time to enjoy the awesome amenities available in your Sunriver vacation home.

  • Relax with family and friends in front of the stone fireplace, included in a wide array of homes from Sunset Lodging in Sunriver. Read the latest Amazon top seller, challenge your partner to a rousing game of Scrabble and enjoy this time spend not working.
  • Private hot tubs, available in many Sunriver vacation homes, provide a warm and cozy setting to gaze up at the stars. Imagine sitting in a hot tub, the perfect temperature, as a cool breeze crosses your cheeks. Lean back and look up at the billions of stars that dot the night sky. You’ll never want to return home.
  • SHARC passes are available in many of our Sunriver vacation homes. While the outdoor pool may not be open, you can still enjoy the tubing hill and indoor pools and spas. The kids will enjoy playing in the water and you can relax in the nearby hot tub.
  • Biking in January? While most vacation rentals retire their bikes to the garage in the winter, a lack of snow means most of the 30 miles of paved bike path are open and ready for family bike rides. Take this chance to visit Benham Falls, a nearby waterfall usually accessed in the summer.

Central Oregon Culture

Central Oregon offers visitors more than just sublime outdoor recreation opportunities. When coming to Central Oregon, you can enjoy the entire cultural scene. From fine dining in downtown Bend to a bevy of brewery tasting, there’s something for everyone in Central Oregon, even without the snow. Here are a few suggestions for ways to spend your Sunriver winter vacation.

  • Dine out at some of Bend’s foodie favorites. Try the paella at Barrio on Wall Street in Downtown Bend. For a true night of decadence, head over to Bos Taurus, one of the finest steakhouses in the region. Salivating for sushi? Five Fusion prepares mouthwatering sushi and creative cocktails you’ll be dreaming about for weeks to come.
  • Bend and Sunriver both offer guests live music nearly every night of the week. If a live band isn’t playing at the Twisted River Tavern in Sunriver, head to Bend where you can catch everything from classic folk singers to reggae to indie rock and everything in between.
  • Catch the latest indie flick at Tin Pan Theater, located in Tin Pan Alley in Downtown Bend. As Bend’s premier arthouse cinema, you can catch the latest independent films in a comfortable atmosphere. After the film, head over to The Wine Shop or The Stihl Whiskey Bar, both just around the corner and perfect for discussing what just happened in the film you watched.

With limited snow on the ground and on the roads, traveling to Bend for a weekend of culture and relaxation becomes easier. And if you’re still worried about driving back and forth from Bend, relax knowing we have both Uber and Lyft in the region, which makes commuting a breeze.

Enjoy Outdoor Recreation without Snow

Just because the snow accumulation hasn’t reached the levels we’d hope for at this time of year doesn’t mean you have to axe your plans to go outside. With warmer temperatures and a lack of snowfall, many of Central Oregon’s outdoor destinations remain accessible. While mountain biking season may have ended in other parts of the country, conditions remain optimal in Central Oregon. Head out with your buddies to Phil’s Trail and enjoy premier mountain biking in the heart of Central Oregon.

Looking to get in some good hiking this winter? A short drive from Sunriver you’ll find the breathtakingly beautiful Smith Rock. This geological destination offers great hiking trails and stunning views of the mountains surrounding the Central Oregon area. Smith Rock is a magical destination to visit any time of the year and highly recommended by locals and visitors alike.

Do a Snow Dance and Cross Your Fingers

We’re bound to get more snow throughout the winter, so start doing your snow dance now and cross your fingers for a sufficient dumping of powder soon! We’re all hoping to get more snow so visitors and locals can all start enjoying winter recreation activities. From snowmobiling with Central Oregon Adventures to shredding fresh pow at Mt. Bachelor, we have faith that the snow will return and we’ll be playing in no time.

In the meantime, don’t forget all of the amazing opportunities that await you in Sunriver. Come visit and enjoy quality time spent with friends and family in a beautiful Sunriver vacation home from Sunset Lodging.

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