mt. bachelor parking reservations

The coronavirus pandemic has forced all of us to change our habits and adjust to new health and safety procedures. With Christmas Break quickly approaching, our guests have wondered about the possibility of reserving a parking space at Mt. Bachelor using their new Parking Whiz app. Much of the advanced parking has already been reserved, but don’t give up hope just yet! We spoke to a representative at Mt. Bachelor recently and gained some insight into parking availability so far this season.

Will I Be Able to get Mt. Bachelor Parking Reservations Over the Holidays?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions we receive these days and while we can’t definitively say yes you will be able to get a “day of” reservation, we’re here to bring you some hope. According to Mt. Bachelor, only a portion of the inventory for the season has been released for booking and they will continue to release additional parking spaces on a rolling basis. Mt. Bachelor suggests you keep checking the Parking Whiz app as many cancellations occur between 6am and 7am. This is a great time to check for day-of availability.

When you are looking at the day-of, all available inventory will be presented for the date you select. If you only see a “Paid Parking” option, that means all other FREE reservations have been claimed for that date at that time.

We spoke with a representative from Mt. Bachelor who didn’t know how many spaces are held back, but she did tell us that as of last week, every person who tried to get a parking spot on the “day-of” was able to do so. This may not be the case over the holidays, but in general, it’s hopeful that guests will be able to secure a parking space on the day-of. It’s recommended that people get on the app as close to 6am as possible in order to have the best opportunity.

Does More Parking Open Up on the Day-of?

Yes! In the couple of weeks Mt. Bachelor has been open, guests have been good about canceling their reservations the night before or the morning of. According to the Mt. Bachelor parking reservation system, if guests fail to cancel their reservations on days they won’t be able to use them, it’s possible they could be banned from making future reservations. This has prompted guests to cancel their reservations, leading to more day-of parking inventory. You just have to be diligent in refreshing the Parking Whiz app in the morning you would like to go skiing.

Plan Ahead and Enjoy Winter Vacation on the Slopes

In a year filled with challenges, we know adjusting to a new parking reservation system at Mt. Bachelor may be a wrench you didn’t know you’d have thrown into your vacation plans. In addition to opening up more day-of parking on a rolling basis, the mountain is also opening up afternoon only parking after determining how many people will be on the mountain throughout the day and when parking spaces open up after early departures. Set those notifications on your phone to check for day-of parking reservations at Mt. Bachelor and enjoy your winter vacation on the slopes in Sunriver. Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we all adjust to Covid parking requirements at Mt. Bachelor this season.

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