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In the past, we blogged about the benefits of renting a whole house versus a hotel room. We also have shared the importance of booking directly with a local property manager like Sunset Lodging instead of a massive travel engine like AirBnB or VRBO. For nearly a year, the entire globe has been dealing with the spread of the coronavirus and sanitation and cleanliness has taken center stage. As you consider booking your Sunriver Spring Break vacation rental or your summer getaway house, we know cleanliness still ranks high on your list of requirements. Today, we look at renting a hotel room versus a whole house in the age of Covid-19.

Should I Rent a House or Hotel Room During the Covid-19 Pandemic?

There have been studies and speculation around whether the shared air and ventilation in hotel rooms has an effect on the spread of Covid-19. According to epidemiologist and national public health expert Brian Castrucci as quoted in The Washington Post, “Anytime that you’re going to a shared space, there is some risk. We just don’t know enough yet to quantify what that risk is from hotel ventilation.”

Castrucci himself doesn’t feel comfortable staying in a hotel, but recommends home rentals instead. If a traveler plans to stay in a hotel, he advises factoring in the age and the quality of a hotel’s ventilation system. If you plan on staying in a hotel, it’s recommended to find newer, LEED-certified (environmentally friendly) buildings as they typically have better indoor air quality. He also recommends travelers call the hotel in advance to ask about guest access to fresh air, as well as the lobby and elevator protocols.

One of the concerns about staying in a hotel is the presence of common areas. Common areas, restaurants and lobbies where people gather and come and go should be avoided.

Renting a vacation home rather than a hotel room is advised when possible. There are many advantages to renting a home. Your air isn’t shared with any other homes or families and homes typically have more access to fresh air. For example, if you rented a vacation home in Sunriver from Sunset Lodging, you would have windows that can open in most rooms and an outdoor patio/deck space for fresh air.

Sunriver’s natural rural setting at a high altitude makes it an easy choice for your vacation this year, with enough room to spread out and enjoy nature while keeping a safe distance from others as the CDC recommends. There are abundant trail systems, paved paths and outdoor activities to enjoy. Our vacation properties are private and contained without shared living spaces and are carefully cleaned and sanitized between guests.

Rent From a Local Property Management Company

Public health officials have recommended home rentals versus hotel rooms during the pandemic, but it’s important to remember that not all vacation rentals are equal.

Anytime you book through a corporate booking site like VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, Travelocity or Expedia, for example, you are charged a booking fee. These platforms charge you this fee and then redirect you to the local property management company to book your stay. As the guest, you pay for that redirect with a booking fee. A site like VRBO charge you this fee and then the property management company a fee as well. These fees are typically 10% for the guest booking fee and sometimes 5% to the property management company.

Airbnb charges the guest up to 10% on the rent of the vacation home and then charges the property management company 3% on all fees including rent (again), cleaning fees, accident forgiveness and resort fees. Other booking engines charge only the guest up to 10% of the rent.

What do you get for this additional 10% booking fee? Redirected to our website. That’s it. We don’t charge this additional booking fee when you reserve your vacation home with us directly.

Book a Vacation Home from a Local Small Business

We encourage you to support small, locally owned and operated businesses like ours. Sunset Lodging is family-owned and operated. As we have seen, read on the news and experienced first-hand, small businesses are getting hit the worst in this downturn. Not only does renting a vacation home over a hotel room provide you with more fresh air and fewer shared spaces, renting from a local, small business helps our local community and saves you money.

Will you be traveling to Sunriver for Spring Break, spring skiing or a summer vacation this year? Browse our homes and find your own private getaway today!

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