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We know the scene — you’re trying to plan an affordable vacation in your favorite Central Oregon destination, but you want to bring the entire family, including the dog. Many visitors to the area seek out a hotel room in the Sunriver resort area thinking it will be the most cost-effective option. While you may see deals online and in print for discounted hotel rooms in Sunriver, why rent a tiny room when you can get a whole house with additional perks for the same price?

Instead of renting a hotel room in the Sunriver resort area, why not rent a home with your own private hot tub, multiple bedrooms, unlimited SHARC passes and a full kitchen? Enhance your Sunriver vacation with more space, more perks and more money left in your wallet at the end of the trip.

Benefits of Renting a Home in Sunriver

When planning a vacation, many travelers often look to the hotel room options as their first instinct. Sunriver is different. Renting a hotel room in Sunriver offers benefits, as well, but in order to get the most bang for your buck, consider renting a home or condo with additional benefits for the same cost. When it comes time to break down the costs, consider this — hotel rooms in Sunriver can vary in price between $200-$300 a night, plus taxes and fees, for a single room, enclosed between other rooms filled with other people.

For the same price, you can get a full house packed with additional benefits. That means, instead of cramming every member of your part into one room with two beds, you can all spread out and actually enjoy your quality time together. Send the kids off to their own bunk beds to sleep while the adults stay up and enjoy games and conversation around the crackling, ambient fireplace. Don’t want to share a bedroom with your buddy who snores all night? Renting a Sunriver vacation home gives you the space you desire at an affordable rate.

Sunset Perks

When renting a home from Sunset Lodging in Sunriver, you can take advantage of various perks, designed to provide you with the best possible experience. Many of the homes for rent at Sunset Lodging include unlimited SHARC passes. If you instead rented a hotel room in Sunriver, you would have to pay $25 per person, per day to access the popular SHARC aquatics and recreation center. Many of the homes for rent from Sunset Lodging include unlimited passes to this popular Sunriver attraction. Renting a home with SHARC passes helps save you from costly admission fees.

All homes at Sunset qualify for the Sunset Perks program, which includes discounts at many of your favorite restaurants, shops, golf courses and transportation services. Coming to Sunriver in the winter? Guests staying with Sunset Lodging in Sunriver can ride our Mt. Bachelor shuttle for free! Other Mt. Bachelor shuttles in the area run for upwards of $20 a trip, per person. Factor the cost of a Mt. Bachelor shuttle into your trip and you’ll be glad you sprung for a whole house instead of a single hotel room in Sunriver.

Room to Move

One of the biggest perks of renting a home instead of a hotel room in Sunriver? More room to move! Even if you’re just staying for the weekend, hotel rooms can feel cramped. Imagine arriving in Sunriver to a house, which provides the comfort and feel of home. Spread out with your family around a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle, toast to the weekend on the patio and if you opt to rent a home with a hot tub, rest your bones in the heat of the spa and gaze up at the stars. You won’t have to share your hot tub with other guests at the hotel, a private hot tub grants your the ultimate luxury in Sunriver.

Another perk to renting a home instead of a hotel room? Multiple bathrooms. When everyone needs to get ready at the same time, take showers, you’ll be grateful for the additional bathroom and mirror space.

Skip the Hotel Room in Sunriver and Rent a Home

From SHARC passes to a private hot tub and room to spread out with the family, there are many advantages to renting a home instead of a hotel room in Sunriver. With the new rate plan at Sunset Lodging in Sunriver, you can find an affordable home or condo for the same cost, or less, than a typical hotel room. Bring the whole family and your friends along to enjoy a magical trip to Sunriver, complete with space for everyone and cost savings in your pocket.

Browse our selection of Sunriver vacation homes for rent and make your Sunriver dream vacation a reality.

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