horseback riding in Sunriver

With winter upon us, horseback riding in Sunriver may not be at the top of your to-do list while visiting our quiet mountain town. While you may not be ready to jump on the back of a horse for a trail ride, Sunriver Stables provides seasonal sleigh rides during December for adults and children. In the warmer months, discover the joys of horseback riding in Sunriver. In addition to horse and pony rides, Sunriver Stables also offers horseback riding lessons for individuals who want to learn the basics of grooming, saddling and riding. Learn more about the year-round fun and excitement waiting for you at Sunriver Stables.

Seasonal Sleigh Rides

‘Tis the season for sleigh rides in Sunriver thanks to Sunriver Stables. Sunriver Stables offers traditional open sleigh rides in a beautiful sleigh with space for up to four adults and two children. Treat your family, your sweetheart or yourself to a traditional open sleigh ride while snuggling up under warm blankets, which are provided. The Stables offers sleigh rides seasonal on the weekends from mid-December to January 1. Weather does factor into ride availability and reservations are required. Request a reservation by calling 541-593-6995.

Horseback Riding in Sunriver

You’ll find Sunriver Stables located on the west side of Sunriver along the Deschutes River and west of Circle 3. Enjoy the majestic beauty of Central Oregon while on horseback for a unique way to experience the region. Sunriver Stables provides horseback riding options for visitors of all experience levels starting in the Spring season. In addition to guided trail rides, the Stables also offers pony rides for guests ages 2-6.

Sunriver Stables offers guided trail rides for guests of all riding and experience levels. The staff at the Stables provides instruction prior to all rides and they also have riding helmets available. The minimum age for a half-hour and one-hour trail ride is seven and for longer rides is 10. For trail rides, there is a 240 lb weight limit.

Younger riders will love taking a pony ride. Guests ages 2-6 enjoy riding adorable Shetland ponies, which are the perfect size for little riders. Pony rides are offered on a first come, first served basis.

Horseback Riding Lessons

In addition to guided trail rides, visit Sunriver Stables this summer for horseback riding lessons. Horseback riding lessons in Sunriver are offered for those wanting to learn the basics of grooming, saddling and for those hoping to brush up on their riding skills. Learn to care for these beautiful creatures and then enhance your riding skills with the help of a professional at Sunriver Stables. Horseback riding lessons also make a great gift for the horse-lover in your family. Surprise your loved one with not only a beautiful trail ride, but horseback riding lessons to improve their skills and foster their love of animals and nature.

There’s always something going on at Sunriver Stables. Make the most of your Sunriver vacation by seeing the region on the back of a majestic horse. Call 541-593-6995 for current hours, reservations and activities.


  1. Match Elliott

    We got married at the great hall January 4th, 2014. Part of that was a sleigh ride prior to the wedding. We’ll be back in Sunriver for our 5 year anniversary. I’m hoping we can schedule a sleigh ride on Friday, 1/4/19, in the afternoon to help us celebrate. Please let me know if you’re available. Ideally, would be around 2-3 pm.

    • Reservations at Sunset Lodging

      Hi Match,

      Congratulations on your 5 years anniversary and thank you for reading our blog. We are a vacation rental company in Sunriver and this blog talks about how to book a sleigh ride in Sunriver. You can reach out directly to Sunriver Stables at 541-593-6995 to schedule your sleigh ride. We aren’t affiliated with them, just simply spreading the word about their services for our guests and visitors to Sunriver.

      Sunset Lodging in Sunriver

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