snow at mt bachelor

Mt. Bachlelor announced today they will be open this weekend, September 23-24, for visitors to enjoy the mountain in its snow-covered prime and majesty. The last couple months of summer were filled with smoke not only in the mountains, but also in town. The recent snowfall up at Mt. Bachelor and the surrounding mountains has resulted in beautiful views we’re not used to seeing this early in the season.

Come to Mt. Bachelor This Weekend

While the snow may have impacted bike park operations, it has allowed visitors a unique opportunity to take in some “snowseeing.” If you have a season pass from last year or have bought your pass for the upcoming season, you can ride the Pine Marten chairlift for free on Saturday and Sunday. Lift tickets will also be available for purchase. Mt. Bachelor opening for the weekend allows non-skiers and regular winter customers to see the mountain in it’s snow-covered prime. Enjoy a scenic lift ride up to mid-mountain where you can enjoy regular food service at Scapolo’s in the Pine Marten Lodge.

Skiing and Snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor

In addition to “snowseeing,” shredders who typically find something to jib on can enjoy some early park action in a designated zone in the tubing area. This is a free, walk-up park for you to enjoy at your own risk. The mountain asks for skiers and snowboarders to take advantage of this area instead of trying to find other places around the mountain to jib. The mountain reports that this opportunity may only last through Saturday due to snow melt.

Be careful and remember that thin snow cover like this can still hide natural and operational hazards. The parking lot will be open, but only plowed to the extent they believe they need for the weekend. Sledding isn’t permitted, but visitors are encouraged to come up, build a snowman and enjoy the mountain this weekend. The fresh snowfall provides a break from the hazy, smoke-filled days we’re experienced the last couple months. Come out, hit some jibs, make a snow angel, ride the chairlift and eat a tasty meal at Scapolo’s at the Pine Marten Lodge.

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