Dog Sledding

Looking to make your next trip to Sunriver extra magical? Book a dog sled ride at Mt. Bachelor and stay snug while a professional musher takes you on an exciting adventure.

Dog Sledding Near Sunriver

When it comes to creating lifelong memories, Central Oregon offers many ways to delight and entertain your family. Next time you’re vacationing in Sunriver during the winter months, take the family on a dog sledding ride at Mt. Bachelor. Ride across the snow with an athletic team of dogs, taking in all of the sights of the Central Oregon and the Cascade Mountains.

Oregon Trail of Dreams, which is owned and operated by Iditarod finisher Rachael Scdoris, her husband Nick and father Jerry Scdoris, provides riders with a majestic dog sledding experience. For years to come, your family will say, “Remember that time we rode in an Iditarod dog sled in Sunriver?”

Dog Sledding at Mt. Bachelor

mt bachelor dog sledding