COVID-19 travel and prevention

Sunset Lodging has been following the progression of COVID-19 and has been collecting data relating to safety regarding travel during this developing situation. Please be assured that Sunset is strictly following CDC guidelines in order to secure a clean, healthy and safe environment for all of our guests who will be visiting us!

There have been no limitations or restrictions placed on US domestic travel in general and no instructions or directives have been made specific to Oregon. Sunriver is a wonderful destination because most guests are able to drive here in their own vehicles, without having to use other forms of transportation. For those that do use air travel the small scale Municipal Airport in Redmond offers regional flights and is not a large scale international hub.

Sunriver’s natural rural setting at a high altitude makes it an easy choice for your vacation this year, with enough room to spread out and enjoy nature while keeping a safe distance from others as the CDC recommends. There are abundant trail systems, paved paths and outdoor activities to enjoy. Our vacation properties are private and contained without shared living spaces and are carefully cleaned and sanitized between guests.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have, and view our website to review our updated rental agreement for guests!

How to Stay Safe While Traveling

For people who are planning to travel, all of the same basic hygiene recommendations apply.

The World Health Organization advises:

  • Cleaning hands on a regular basis
  • Keeping at least 1 meter’s distance from people who are coughing or sneezing
  • Following COVID-19-specific travel advisories from local authorities

Here are some links included to help you follow this ever-developing situation:

Sunriver Closure Updates:

  • SHARC has announced that they will be closed until further notice.


  1. Pamela Halleen

    Will the SHARC be open with the recent changes in large spaces per the government? And the observatory? I hope so!

    Thank you!

    • Reservations at Sunset Lodging

      Hi Pam, there has not been any news about the status of these facilities at this time. We’ll be updating this blog with information as it becomes available. Thank you!

      *Update – 3/13 at 2:06pm – We just received word that the SHARC is closed until further notice.

  2. Jean King

    I’m traveling to Sunriver from California in May. I’ve had my two shots. Will spa be open?

    • Reservations at Sunset Lodging

      Hi Jean,

      According to the Sage Springs Spa website, they will be open with some restrictions in place. They require reservations and some areas like the hot tubs, steam room and locker rooms are closed. We don’t know what the situation will be like by May, but it does appear you will be able to receive some spa services. We encourage you to visit their website as it gets closer to your trip! We look forward to seeing you in Sunriver!

      Sunset Lodging

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