Client FAQs

Are you considering joining one of the property management programs at Sunset Lodging in Sunriver? We answer some frequently asked questions about Sunriver property management and vacation rentals.

Property Management and Vacation Rentals

What areas of property management do Sunriver homeowners consider the most important?

The following activities comprise the foundation of our management program:

  • The cleaning and maintenance of the home
  • The number of nights the property is rented
  • The quality and number of renters that stay in the home
  • Maintaining the security of the property
  • The accounting of monthly statements in an accurate and timely manner
  • Communication between homeowner and property manager
  • Pricing and marketing the rental rate to maximize investment
  • The most competitive fees for providing the above services

Does Sunset fumish and launder linens?

Yes, we have our own supply of linens and on-site laundry facility.

What is the charge for the cleaning service?

The home is cleaned after the guest departs. The charge is determined by the size of the home and ranges between $30 and $125 per clean.

Does Sunset Lodging have its own cleaning department?

es, our housekeeping staff is carefully trained to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained.

Does Sunset Lodging advertise the vacation rentals?

Yes, we advertise aggressively throughout the Northwest and on the Internet.

How much does Sunset charge when they rent my home?

Sunset charges 29% of the gross rent collected when we rent your home. You only pay Sunset Lodging when we produce results. Also, if you refer a guest to Sunset Lodging, we will pay you a 10% commission. Please call us for the details on Owner Referrals.

As an owner, can I use my home whenever I want?

Yes, you simply contact Sunset Lodging on our toll-free line to reserve your home, or book online in the Property Owner portion of our website.

What determines the number of nights a house rents?

Guests like to stay in homes that are well stocked and nicely furnished. Properties with hot tubs rent about 40 nights more a year than similar properties without a hot tub. Guests are always looking for the best value for their money so anything you can do to make your property more desirable or comfortable for the guest will improve your reservation activity.

How many nights can I expect to rent my home?

Our homes are occupied between 80 and 140 nights a year.

Property Management Programs

Full Service Resort Property Management Program

This is the most common form of property management. We are always looking for homeowners to participate in this program due to the increase in reservation activity in the recent past. This service offers innovative marketing techniques for increased reservations, professionally certified housekeepers and maintenance personnel, and professionally certified, highly trained, customer service oriented vacation planners.

Independent Owners Program

With Sunset Lodging’s Independence Owners Program, you get all the benefits of a professional property management team without all the cost. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to make money in the process. A definite win-win situation for everyone involved. We also have a referral program where you can refer potential guests to us if your rental is full. If that referred guest books with us you receive a 10% referral fee on the reservation.

Security Check Program

In the Security Check Program, we conduct weekly security checks to help you maintain your vacation property. We report our security checks to you for proper maintenance if it is needed.

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