helicopter tour central oregon

You’ve run, biked, hiked, walked, moto-ed, snowmobiled and skied as much Sunriver and Central Oregon terrain as possible. From Benham Falls to the top of Smith Rock, you’ve found beautiful locales all throughout the area. But have you seen it from the air?

Imagine boarding a bright green helicopter and taking to the Central Oregon skies to absorb all of the majestic beauty of this community. Big Mountian Heli Tours offers helicopter tours, charters and trips year-round. Simply drive the short distance to Bend Municipal Airport and watch in awe as you get a birdseye view of the scenic Cascade Mountain Range.

Take a Helicopter Tour

Create truly incredible and one-of-a-kind vacation memories as you experience secret and special locations that only locals know about from the air. Soak in stunning vistas, golden sunsets, and a complimentary bottle of wine as you soar through the air with the greatest of ease. Big Mountain Heli Tours offers a variety of tours to meet your interests — from a short jaunt into the air to explore the Old Mill and the City of Bend to Bigfoot and Sasquatch tours that search the mountains for the elusive creature.

Looking to get the perfect photo of Central Oregon from the sky? Consider taking one of Big Mountain’s photographic tours. The Bend City and Lava Lands photographic tour takes passengers on a professional, doors-off photo tour of Bend. Want something more jaw-dropping? Hop on the Cascade Range Photographic Helicopter Tour and capture unbelievable sights.

Planning a scenic and memorable proposal or wedding? Big Mountain Heli Tours can provide helicopter wedding proposal support and locations for memories that will last a lifetime. The company offers a variety of tours to please every member of your party with wine tasting tours, naturalist-led tours of the Cascade mountains, and Fire Scar Sunset Helicopter Tours.

Enhance Your Sunriver Vacation

Enhance your Sunriver vacation by booking a private helicopter tour. An aerial tour of Central Oregon gives you the highest vantage point (without having to trek up to the summit of South Sister). Contact our friends at Big Mountain Heli Tours today for a truly remarkable experience exploring Central Oregon by air. Big Mountain Heli Tours has been nominated as one of the Top 10 Helicopter Companies in the USA.

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