Central Oregon Helicopter Tours

Take your Central Oregon vacation to great heights with a helicopter tour from Big Mountain Heli Tours. Explore the infinite beauty that emanates from the Cascade Mountains. This will truly be a vacation you never forget.

Heli Tours in Central Oregon


You dream big. And part of that dream includes flying high above beautiful locales in order to take in the area’s natural beauty. When vacationing in Sunriver, book a helicopter tour with Big Mountain Heli Tours to experience the high desert from the best vantage point.

Big Mountain Heli tours offers Central Oregon helicopter tours year round, soaring 10,000 feet above the region to give you the most epic vistas possible. Imagine viewing all of Central Oregon for as far as the eye can see and doing it in the cockpit of a pristine helicopter. In addition to tours of the Cascade mountains, Big Mountain also offers private helicopter tours to local wineries, high desert back country with raging river below.

Book a summer or winter aerial tour with Big Mountain Heli Tours for an exciting adventure you and your family won’t soon forget. Think about how many likes your Instagram photos from this adventure will get! Your private helicopter is waiting.

Big Mountain Heli Tours

central oregon heli tours

helicopter view

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