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Sunriver Vacation Homes

Sunset Lodging has an extensive list of Sunriver vacation homes below (see our Sunriver Map to locate our properties).

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*All pet-friendly homes that allow them with a pet fee.
*Service animals do not apply, but we must be notified of a service animal coming.

Property AddressBedroomBathSleepsHot TubPetsLoftUnlimited SHARCAir ConditioningRatingAreaRateBook Now
Alpine 6 (ALP06)5312Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 12 passesA/C5Fort RockStarting at $275View Details
Alpine 11 (ALP11)33.58Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 8 passesNo4Fort RockStarting at $200View Details
Approach 3 (APP03)33.510NoNoNoSHARC - 8 Passes (Coming 2023)A/C4SHARCStarting at $200View Details
Backwoods 11 (BKW11)54.514Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SouthStarting at $450View Details
Balsam 4 (BAL04)4311Hot TubAnimal FreeLoftSHARC - Limited- ask for detailsA/C4NorthStarting at $222View Details
Big Leaf 11 (BGL11)226Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 6 PassesNo4NorthStarting at $156View Details
Big Sky 3 (SKY03)65.516Hot TubPet FriendlyDenSHARC - 12 PassesA/C5NorthStarting at $450View Details
Bittern 5 (BIT05)8820Hot TubPet Friendly (dogs only)Loft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 16 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $650View Details
Blue Grouse 4 (BGR04)5414Hot TubPet FriendlyLoft (Family Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/C5RiverStarting at $357 View Details
Camas 21 (CAM21)4310Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesNo3.5Fort RockStarting at $177View Details
Cherrywood 21 (CWD21)3312Hot TubPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $395View Details
Cluster Cabin 20 (CCC20)326NoNoLoftSHARC - Limited - ask for detailsNo3Cluster CabinsStarting at $180View Details
Colonial 4 (COL4)66.514Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 14 PassesA/CPremierLodgeStarting at $550View Details
Conifer 6 (CON06)32.58Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4Fort RockStarting at $161View Details
Crag 4 (CRG04)4312Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 10 PassesNo4Fort RockStarting at $264View Details
Crater 1 (CTR01)9620Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 18 PassesA/CPremierCircle 4Starting at $1,000View Details
Deer 2 (DER02)326Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 6 PassesNo4MallStarting at $120View Details
Dixie 3 (DIX03)428Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesNo3NorthStarting at $141View Details
Duckpond 2 (DKP02)328Hot TubNoLoft (Family Room)SHARC - 8 PassesA/C3RiverStarting at $156View Details
East Butte 22 (EBU22)228Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 6 PassesNo3Fort RockStarting at $210View Details
Fairway Village Condo 34 (FVC34)32.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5NorthStarting at $175View Details
Goldfinch 11 (GDF11)4412Hot TubPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 10 PassesA/CPremierRiverStarting at $270View Details
Hart Mountain 5 (HRT05)328Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3.5NorthStarting at $141View Details
Hickory 20 (HIC20)43.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $220View Details
Jackpine 9 (JKP09)7618Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierMallStarting at $850View Details
Kitty Hawk Condo 9 (KHC09)124NoNoLoftNoNo4.5LodgeStarting at $155View Details
Loon 15 (LON15)326Hot TubNoNoNoNo3RiverStarting at $115View Details
Lowland 3 (LOW03)33.510Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3.5SHARCStarting at $195View Details
Malheur 2 (MAL02)327Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/CNorthStarting at $165View Details
McKenzie 4 (MKZ04)3310Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4RiverStarting at $285View Details
Meadow House 26 (MHC26)338Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C5SHARCStarting at $175View Details
Meadow House Condo 43 (MHC43)228NoDog FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3.5SHARCStarting at $169View Details
Meadow House 66 (MHC66)228NoNoSitting RoomSHARC - 6 PassesA/C4.5SHARCStarting at $140View Details
Mink 6 (MNK06)328Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesNo3SHARCStarting at $150View Details
Mink 8 (MNK08)32.58NoNoBonus RoomSHARC - 8 PassesNo3.5SHARCStarting at $175View Details
Mt. Hood 12 (MTH12)53.514Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/C5Fort RockStarting at $330View Details
Mt. St. Helens 5 (MSH05)338Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5NorthStarting at $195View Details
Mt. View Lodge Condo 14 (MLC14)124NoNoLoftSHARC - 4 PassesNo4SHARCStarting at $155View Details
Newberry Lane 6 (NBY06)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3Fort RockStarting at $120View Details
Nine Iron 9 (NIN09)7718Hot TubNoLoft (Game Room)SHARC - 16 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $900View Details
Olympic 5 (OLY05)42.510Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $234View Details
Pinebough 2 (PNB02)4210Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3SouthStarting at $290 View Details
Pine Ridge 5 (PRD05)328NoPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3.5Fort RockStarting at $130View Details
Pioneer 4 (PIO04)4210Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C4SouthStarting at $225View Details
Polehouse Condo 25 (POH25)3210Hot TubPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesNo3.5SHARCStarting at $165View Details
Poplar 24 (POP24)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3NorthStarting at $144View Details
Powder Village Condo I-2 (PVCI2)226Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - Ask for detailsNo4Powder VillageStarting at $165View Details
Powder Village Condo K-5 (PVCK5)226Hot TubNoNoNoNo3Powder VillageStarting at $99View Details
Puma 5 (PUM05)228Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 6 PassesA/C3SHARCStarting at $126View Details
Pyramid 1 (PYR01)4312Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesNo4NorthStarting at $228View Details
Pyramid 5 (PYR05)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4NorthStarting at $255View Details
Quartz Mountain 16 (QMT16)4210Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo4Fort RockStarting at $190View Details
Quelah Condo 30 (QUE30)326Hot TubNoNoNoNo3Quelah CondosStarting at $153View Details
Quelah Condo 90 (QUE90)226Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 6 PassesNo4.5Quelah CondosStarting at $140View Details
Ranch Cabin Condo 3 (RCC03)226NoPet FriendlyNoNoNo3Circle 4Starting at $178View Details
Ranch Cabin Condo 31 (RCC31)328NoPet FriendlyLoftSHARC - 8 PassesNo2.5Circle 4Starting at $114View Details
Red Fir 9 (RDF09)328Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3SHARCStarting at $138View Details
Red Fir 22 (RDF22)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C3SHARCStarting at $132View Details
Sarazen 4 (SAR04)55.512Hot TubNoLoftSHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $359View Details
Sequoia 1 (SEQ01)54.512Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC -12 PassesA/C4SHARCStarting at $222View
Shagbark 12 (SGB12)32.58Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo4Fort RockStarting at $137View Details
Shagbark 17 (SGB17)7516Hot TubNoGame RoomSHARC - 14 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $600View Details
Shagbark 20 (SGB20)4310Hot TubNoNoNoNo3.5NorthStarting at $274View Details
Siskin 9 (SIS09)33.58Hot TubNoLoft (Bonus Room)SHARC - 8 PassesA/C5RiverStarting at $350View Details
Sparks 8 (SPR08)5510Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/C5NorthStarting at $700View Details
Sparks 10 (SPR10)42.58Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesNo3NorthStarting at $195View Details
Stag 5 (STG05)43.510Hot TubNoLoftSHARC -10 PassesA/C4.5SHARCStarting at $194View Details
Tennis Village Condo 4 (TVC04)228NoNoLoftSHARC - 6 PassesNo3Tennis VillageStarting at $123View Details
Tennis Village Condo 15 (TVC15)226NoNoLoftNoNo3Tennis VillageStarting at $105View Details
Tennis Village Condo 18 (TVC18)224NoPet FriendlyLoftNo3Tennis VillageStarting at $132View Details
Timber 8 (TIM08)21.56Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 6 PassesNo4Beaver DrStarting at $108View Details
Tumalo 10 (TUM10)428NoNoNoSHARC - Limited - ask for detailsNo2.5Circle 4Starting at $114View Details
Umpqua 3 (UMP03)4310Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 10 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $199View Details
Vine Maple 13 (VNM13)57.514Hot TubNoLoft (Game Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierNorthStarting at $600View Details
Whistling Swan 2 (WSN02)328Hot TubNoNoSHARC - 8 PassesA/C4.5RiverStarting at $150View Details
White Elm 33 (WHE33)57.516Hot TubPet FriendlyLoft (Game Room)SHARC - 12 PassesA/CPremierCircle 4Starting at $400View Details
Woodland 6 (WDL06)43.510Hot TubPet FriendlyNoSHARC - 10 PassesNoPremierMallStarting at $208View Details
22' Pontoon Boat Rental $325 - $475View Details
Wave Runner Rental #1$200 - $320View Details
Wave Runner Rental #2$200 - $320View Details

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