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At Sunset Lodging, we’ve been diligently doing our research and keeping up with changes in the COVID-19 situation as it evolves. We have seen cancellations due to non-essential travel orders and guests have one main question as it pertains to cancellation fees. Guests who booked their vacations on large, corporate booking engines like VRBO and Airbnb find themselves losing more money when they cancel, and paying more on any reservation, when using third-party booking sites to rent a vacation home in Sunriver.

Booking directly with the property management company like Sunset Lodging can save you upwards of 10%, which makes a big difference in today’s economy.

Big Company Booking Fees

Anytime you book through a corporate booking site like VRBO, Airbnb, Homeaway, Travelocity or Expedia, for example, you are charged a booking fee. These platforms charge you this fee and then redirect you to the local property management company to book your stay. As the guest, you pay for that redirect with a booking fee. A site like VRBO charge you this fee and then the property management company a fee as well. These fees are typically 10% for the guest booking fee and sometimes 5% to the property management company.

Airbnb charges the guest up to 10% on the rent of the vacation home and then charges the property management company 3% on all fees including rent (again), cleaning fees, accident forgiveness and resort fees. Other booking engines charge only the guest up to 10% of the rent.

What do you get for this additional 10% booking fee? Redirected to our website. That’s it. We don’t charge this additional booking fee when you reserve your vacation home with us directly.

When you book directly with Sunset Lodging, it saves you at least 10% all around on your vacation rental. Think of it this way, if you book a Sunriver vacation home for 7 nights at $300 the corporate booking site is going to charge you 10% (7×300= $2,100), that’s $210, almost another night’s fee just for sending you to our website.

Support Small, Local Businesses

During this pandemic, as you begin to look forward to life after COVID-19, we encourage you to support small, locally owned and operated businesses like ours. Sunset Lodging is family-owned and operated. As we have seen, read on the news and experienced first-hand, small businesses are getting hit the worst in this downturn. What we support while staying home and after non-essential travel orders are lifted will be what survives. Rather than ordering dinner from corporate food chains and booking through huge booking engines, support local restaurants, retail shops and in our case, hospitality and lodging providers.

It’s more important than ever to support small, local businesses, as these companies are getting hit the hardest right now. Small businesses simply do not have millions of dollars to keep afloat during these unprecedented times.

Travel Locally This Summer

Sunriver offers visitors the ideal summer getaway in life after COVID-19 closures and non-essential travel orders. We have done our due diligence and kept up on the evolving situation. Every model we see forecasts the pandemic ending by summer, which means you can still make Sunriver your tradition this summer. Pack up the family and meet your friends in Sunriver to enjoy the great outdoors, just an easy drive from home. Living in the Pacific Northwest gives you easy access to our outdoor wonderland and all of the recreational opportunities that abound here.

Live Life in Sunriver This Summer

After being cooped up at home for the last several weeks or months as it may be, start looking forward to spending time in Sunriver and living life in 2020. By booking directly with Sunset Lodging, you save around 10% on the cost of your vacation rental compared to a large travel site like VRBO or Airbnb. We’re all in this together and now is the time to support small, family-owned businesses in your hometown and where you vacation. We look forward to seeing you in Sunriver this summer.

Want your pick of the best selection of Sunriver vacation homes? Book your Sunriver vacation now. The selection is better than ever for this time of year. Visit our website or call our office to select a property and get it secured before the travel ban lifts and the booking frenzy begins. Book now to get exactly what you want for Sunriver rentals.


  1. Chris Phipps

    Do you have two homes near each other that will house 34 people or June big house?

    • Reservations at Sunset Lodging

      Hello Chris! Thank you for your comment. If you call our office between 10am – 2pm PST on weekdays, our reservations can assist you in finding two homes near each other for your specific dates. Give us a call at 1-800-541-1756. We look forward to hearing from you!

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