love letter to sunriver oregon

Dearest Sunriver,

We are writing to you to represent all of the lovely visitors and locals of your community to confess our undying devotion to you and all of the wonderful memories you have helped us create over the years. This Valentine’s Day, we want you to know how appreciated you are and how we all cherish coming to spend time with our friends and family in your quiet mountain town. The love is real and we’re all eternally grateful for your vacation rentals, restaurants, water sports, snow sports, conferences and the unrestricted views of the starry night sky.

Making Memories

While we all have created different memories, many of our stories intersect and we share similar feelings. Your 30+ miles of paved bike path has provided generations of families with the freedom to roam. Many children have taken their first pedals on your bike paths in the driveways of homes across the community. Sure, there have been skinned knees and shoe laced tangled in bike chains, but that’s part of life. Without those incidents, there wouldn’t be boo-boos to kiss and snuggles to be shared back at the house.

For those of us who enjoy visiting in the summertime, your swimming pools have provided us with countless hours of splashing, water slides and sunbathing. From the old days of the South Swimming Pool at the Sunriver Lodge to the incredible SHARC facility, swimming and Sunriver have always been synonymous with summer. Add to that the Deschutes River, which allows us to kayak, paddleboard, canoe and swim. Water sports have provided more memories than we can count.

Sharing Stories

Sunriver, you have a wide variety of amazing vacation rentals for us to choose from and they have been the setting for countless family reunions, corporate retreats, fraternity ski trips and romantic getaways. Your tiny cabins all the way up to your grand residences have created ideal spaces for friends, family and coworkers to share stories. We all love sitting around the fireplace and talking about old memories and new, stories of love, stories of loss, stories of life.

We’ll never forget the time our uncle hid the 8-ball while playing a game of billiards, so he could win in the end. The time the teenagers ate all of the snacks before we even arrived. The Thanksgiving dinners, the toasts on New Year’s Eve, the Easter egg hunts, the July 4th bike parades. We’ll be sharing those stories with our friends and families for years to come.

Awesome Athletics

We can’t forget the decades of fun we’ve had during the Pacific Crest Weekend Sports Festival. Many of us have come from across the country to participate in triathlons and marathons that end in The Village. We’ve eaten our weight in pizza and spaghetti from Blondie’s Pizza and Marcello’s while carb-ing up for the races. We’ve danced the night away after running for miles in The Village during the afterparty. We’ve celebrated wins and made the best of losses.

Let’s not forget about the Pole Pedal Paddle and the countless other races that have brought us to your beautiful mountain town. Competing at Mt. Bachelor has been a treat and for many of us, it’s become our favorite ski resort in Oregon.

Sunriver, Will You Be Ours?

We could continue to go on about our devotion to your golf courses, your pine trees, your easy access to prime hiking spots. Our love for your town centers on the people, the memories and the time spent away from our laptops. That’s not to say that we won’t Instagram your fine features, but you provide us with a break from the chaos of daily life. When we choose our Sunriver vacation rentals, we know it’ll be the perfect setting for the adventures we have in store.

Sunriver, we have just one question this Valentine’s Day. Will you be ours? Yesterday, today and forever into the future, we cherish your memories.

Love Always,

Your Devoted Friends and Family

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